Stajvelo Leasing

Leasing isn’t just for cars anymore.

Stajvelo Leasing: with our partner Locamotions, we offer leasing for bicycles. In other words, bike leasing is a long-term hire of 24 to 36 months. Maintenance is also available.

Thanks to long-term hire, you can buy all the bikes of our range – muscle bikes and electric bikes – at affordable prices, as payments are spread over time.

There are many advantages to regular exercise, and cycling in particular. First of all, no more morning or evening traffic jams when you have to get to and from work. With a bike, your commute becomes much smoother.

What’s more, cycling is a great way to keep fit. Daily physical activity keeps your head and body healthy.

As well as being a practical new means of transport, cycling is also environmentally friendly. Reducing car use, for example, not only saves you time and money, but also makes a positive contribution to protecting our planet.

At the end of the Stajvelo leasing contract, you have several options:

– Renewal of the contract: you keep your bike with an extension of 12 or 24 months.

– Create a new contract: with a new, more recent bike.

– Buying the bike: we offer you a purchase price in line with the duration of the contract, so that you own the bike.

Thanks to these different solutions, you’ll find our entire range at more affordable prices.

Annual maintenance is also available for €12/month.

Discover our full range here.