Welcome to L’Atelier

→ Welcome to L’Atelier, the exclusive service that will bring your personalised bike to life. With us, you won’t find any standardised prefabricated bikes, but a unique experience where every detail is designed according to your wishes.


Our concept is simple but innovative: starting with a raw frame, we offer you the chance to create your own completely customised bike. Imagine a bike that reflects your style and personality and meets your specific needs. With us, it’s possible.

Passionate specialists

→ Our team of passionate specialists will guide you in your choice of components that will perfectly match your cycling style. Whether you’re into touring, cycling or commuting, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer you the best options.


And because aesthetics are just as important as performance, our designer will work closely with you to create an aesthetic proposition that reflects your colour and design wishes. Whether you’re a fan of bright, bold tones or prefer a more sober, elegant palette, we’ll make sure your bike is a true masterpiece on wheels.


Cutomized bikes

→ Imagine yourself proudly riding your own personalised bike, combining quality, comfort and style, with a perfect fit to your size and shape. There will be no limits or compromises to your cycling experience.


Let our experienced team and talented designer turn your vision into reality, and unleash the full potential of your passion for cycling.


Welcome to Atelier, where the art of cycling meets your deepest desires.


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Customized Nomades

Customized Rocca

Customized Grima

Customized Mirabeau

Customized Beau Rivage