Road range

→ Explore our road bikes, Mirabeau and Beau Rivage. Both perfect to re-discover the roads you know best. Please explore both bikes below.

Beau Rivage - Ride tailor-made

→ Designed for road cycling enthusiasts, the Beau Rivage embodies excellence thanks to high-quality materials, modern geometry and cutting-edge components. Thanks to the expertise of our teams, your Beau Rivage will be entirely custom-made.

Additionnaly, tube-to-tube technology gives this bike unrivalled efficiency and comfort. Become the designer of your future bike thanks to the expertise of our Italian craftsmen.


Stajvelo offers you the opportunity to design your own custom bike. From the postural study to the manufacture of the frame, including the choice of colours and components, your bike will be unique.


Explore Beau Rivage here

Mirabeau - Beyond the limits

→ The Mirabeau is a road bike with extra assistance. Tailored to your needs, its engine will enable you to tackle the most legendary mountain passes with a moderate effort. No need to worry about distance or gradient. In other words, this is the electric bike that will give you the most thrills.


Explore Mirabeau here