Gravel range

→ Explore our gravel bikes, Nomades and Roca. Several configurations available, please discover both bikes below.

NOMADES Gravel - The E-gravel of all your desires

→ Perfectly versatile, the Nomades is the ideal electrically-assisted bike for exploration and discovery. Adapted to your every whim, with a drop or flat handlebar, it will surprise you on different types of surface: the most technical paths and tracks will no longer be an obstacle to your escape from the city.

The Nomades spirit is the freedom to go anywhere without compromise.


Explore Nomades Gravel here

Roca - A gravel bike built for adventure

→ Discover the Roca, built for adventure and performance. This bike makes no concessions on the roads it takes. Playful and adventurous, it’ll let you swallow the dust over any distance, in races or on long-distance adventures.

Our Roca is available in two different setups. The first is equipped with Campagnolo Ekar and Campagnolo Shamal wheels. The second is equipped with Sram Rival AXS and Ursus Miura carbon wheels.


Explore Roca here