Exclusive “L’Atelier” service during L’Etape du Tour

As you know, customization is an integral part of our know-how and an important source of motivation. Being able to build a bike at your image, completely made to measure, is one of our most cherished concerns.



This exclusive service, we’ve decided to share it with as many people as possible during “L’Etape du Tour”. This event will takes place from the 4th of July to the 6th of July on the famous “coulée verte” in Nice.



During this event, we’ll be hosting a stand where you can design the bike of your dreams…

In collaboration with our designer, the bike will be designed directly to your specifications. Various existing creations will be on display, so that you can have access to a source of inspiration, if necessary.

You’ll see your bike takes shape, and can choose absolutely every detail!

In addition to giving you this incredible experience, we’ve decided to offer you this customization when you purchase a Stajvelo*.


If you would like to live the experience and plan your appointment, contact us here to book your session.



(*order finalized before July 14, 2024)